Are you a professional and you have lots of work to do? well, you have come to the right place. We all like a device that is easy to take from one place to another. We don’t have to stick to a specific place to do work. when you aren’t in your home or office and want to do your work and enjoy your freedom then you should own a portable monitor.

When you want to own a handy portable monitor, you must look for a variety of factors, mainly for your purpose that the monitor will be used for –movies, gaming, work reading, etc. Then based on their capabilities such as maximum resolution, viewing angles, and ease of portability, we have suggested a list of 5 best portable monitors in the market. 

When you have a good portable monitor then you can have more space where you can work. 

This gives you the advantage of having an extra monitor, and with it, you can easily improve your work speed. When you have more than one desktop then you will have many windows and apps working at the same time which will be very helpful in your desired work. 

The best portable monitors also give you the ability to take this multi-screen setup out anywhere that you like, and many monitor companies are putting out thin and light models that are just amazing. nowadays  Apple will let you use an iPad as a portable monitor.  

No matter what you are doing that can be coding, writing, doing graphic design work or working as a call center assistant, having a secondary monitor is always a good way that lets you have some breathing room, spreading apps out in a more natural way. 

So, we went ahead and suggested the best portable monitors on the market right now, all using the latest display technology. because we know that people are busy and they don’t have lots of time to do research.

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1. Asus ZenScreen MB16AC

Pros & Cons

  • 1:Thin and light
  • 2:Excellent image quality
  • 1:Expensive
  • 2:Low brightness

Since ASUS Company has brought many great monitors to the market so the position of their best product must be in 1st place. The Asus ZenScreen MB16A Portable Monitor comes with a number of features and design considerations that make it an incredibly handy device and one of the best USB monitors that you can find in the market and that makes it one of a kind.

but it is expensive with the ZenScreen proving to be a little more expensive than many of the portable monitors that we are going to see on the list. However, the build and image quality of this screen is far better than others that why it makes it well worth the extra cash.

people who have used Asus’ZenBook will also be interested in this device, as it has a design that compliments Asus’ high-end laptops nicely.


2. ASUS MB169B+15.6 FULL HD 1920*1080 IPS

Pros & Cons

  • 1920x1080P resolution
  • Good viewing angles.
  • Thinnest portable monitor in the world.
  • IPS panel technology.
  • link technology.
  • Easy connectivity.
  • Bright and clear image with sharp display.
  • short bundle cable


The second that comes in our list is the enhanced version of ASUS MB168B+ like other Asus monitors It also has some old specs but the company has added some new features in order for the device to give the best performance. When we look at the USB powered monitor and its setup and design, this device is 14.9×9.26×0.26 inches in dimension and if we talk about its weight then it is one of thinnest portable monitors in the market with 1.6ibs weight. The ASUS MB169B+ is not like other monitors that come with 1366x768p it made it to the next level by having 1920x1080p resolutions which are the best in the market. 

  ASUS MB169B+ has claimed to be the best in terms of lightest and thinnest portable monitors that you can find in the market. The device has a 15.6 inches display that can give a full HD view of the screen. Just like the previous ASUS MB168, this device also uses only one cable for data transmission and power.

Just like ASUS MB168B, this device comes with an EZLink which will allow you to connect up to 5 ASUS MB169B+ monitors at the same time. Moreover, the device comes with an ASUS MB169b+ stand and a sleeve that protects the portable monitor.in case if you may face problems regarding the device usability, the package offers  MB168+ manual and CD for better guidance. If you want to buy portable monitors you have to make sure that you own a 1GB RAM or X10.8.3 MAC operating system with 1.47GHZ windows 7. Both ASUS MB168b+ and the ASUS MB169b+ have a short bundled USB cable which is another advantage of this portable monitor.

 3. TOPOSH Portable Monitor

  • Reverse charging methodology to charge the connected smartphone.
  • Includes built-in dual stereo speakers.
  • Bears the best and latest monitor technologies.
  • Best for travel!
  • Brightness is then the laptop

We have brought another portable monitor which is super easier to use because it only needs the plug-and-play part without the need to install the drivers or apps to connect the TOPOSH portable monitor that has two type-C The lower Type-C port is used for power and the upper type-C can bring the support to connect it to other devices such as smartphones and reverse charging with cell phones.

 You can use the lower port for power. It has loaded IPS screen and sizes up to 15.6” that can give you the ultra-HD viewing experience with the screen resolution 1920*1080 that has 178 degrees of viewing angle to give you the pixel-perfect quality.  

And for a gaming experience the HDMI displays port that can easily be connected with laptops, Playstation 3 & 4, Xbox, PCS, Raspberry Pi, and the games devices as well as other devices that are not written in our list.

It comes to your choice that either you want it for a better gaming experience or for your work purposes.

For the device protection it is covered in a smart cover and the smartpen can make it easy for you to put the monitor into landscape and portrait modes with easy rotation to find the best viewing angle. It does not matter that either you are sitting in a chair or laying down on the cot. Installed with dual and built-in stereo speakers so that the monitor not only shows you but also helps you to hear. So, that makes it one good of the best if you want a two in one combo in a portable monitor.

4. Electron 13.3 Inch Portable monitor

  • Pros
    • Built-in speakers
    • Compatible with anything that has an HDMI output
    • Image quality good and quick response time great for games
    • Large bezels
    • Pretty thick at 1.5 cm
    • No instructions provided with the monitor

If you are not looking for a very big screen then you might get this one. It is a 13.3” monitor, and it is very light compared to other portable monitors with only 1.41 Ibs. Another good thing about it is that it has built-in speakers and its image quality is very good. This portable monitor is a good decision for a gamer, because it gives HD quality resolution (1920*1080) and a response time of 5 ms. 

And if we look at its ports then this portable monitor has many USB and HDMI ports and also an earphone(3.5 mm) and a power port. It is slightly less portable than other devices because to make this device working you will need two cables one an HDMI cable to connect it to your device and a power adapter that will give the device power. 

If you are not going for a big screen and looking for a 13.3” monitor, then this might be the one. 

 A good thing about this monitor is that it can work with many devices that have HDMI ports. The Elecrow also comes with a metal rack in the box, which I don’t like very much. But the good thing is that it is compliant with VESA 75 wall mounts. It is one of the thickest monitors in my review with 1.5 cm thickness.

I think this monitor is a good choice for someone who is looking for something small because it offers excellent image quality and it is super easy to set up because there is no need of installing the drivers, and it weighs very less. Plus it is under $150, so it’s a pretty bargain. 

5. GeChic 1303 13.3” 1080p Portable Monitor

  • Plug and Play – no drivers needed
  • Very portable at only 1.32 lbs
  • Can work with all devices HDMI output
  • Bad sound quality
  • Cover not included in the purchase
  • On the expensive side

When we look at the market for the best portable monitor GeChic is very famous because it has a wide array of products. So it was my desire to include one of their portable monitors 13.3”. Just like the company’s other portable monitors it also has HDMI, VGA input and built-in speakers, ports, and amazing compact and light design with only 1.32 Ibs, it is one of the lightest monitors.

It can work with various gaming consoles and other leading devices as long as it has an HDMI port it can easily be connected to a GeChic monitor. After connecting it to the device you will have a high-quality image since it features full HD resolution. The screen brightness and colors are adjustable anyway that you may like, which is a big plus.

The monitor has many cables that you will need in your working, and it also has a micro HDMI adapter so that it can be connected to a DSLR in case you have one. And also you will get an aluminum stand in that box.

However these portable monitors have some drawbacks that are – lousy sound quality. But it can be fixed if you always play the sound from your laptop, or you may connect to another device as a speaker for better listening experience. And at least you don’t have to worry about the drivers since it uses an HDMI input, this device will start as soon as you plug it into your device.

Qualities of a Good Portable Monitor?

There are a few things that you want to have in a really good portable monitor. So, let’s break it down to help you make the best buying decision.

Size (Well, duh!)

The first quality of a portable device is its size as mentioned above. Especially if you have an 11” or a 13” laptop – you will want to get a monitor that is larger then your laptop screen. Obviously, what’s the point then?

You have to keep in mind that it should always be portable as we know bigger is better. You should have a bag, purse, or backpack that you are going to carry the monitor. For example in what kind of a bag the monitor can fit. You can check the manufacturer product page and look for its length/width or any mention of laptop size.

Weight (well of course)

As mentioned above it must weigh less because the whole point of buying a portable monitor is that you have less weight to carry. If you have a monitor that is greater than 10lb monitor, then you might as well take your desktop computer. I think that a travel monitor should weigh less than 4Ibs. That way it won’t add much weight to your luggage, which is very important in air traveling. And if you want to avoid any overweight baggage fees.

And if you are not going on a plane imagine adding bulk to your bag every time you are going for work. It will be very good if it weighs less.

Connections (Does It Work With Your Gear?)

Another that should be held in focus is that the monitor should easily be connected to your laptop, preferably with a simple USB port. That will help you to pack lighter because you don’t have to pick four or five different cables that the portable monitor needs. I’m talking about HDMI cables – because they are very long and heavy which are not practical at all. 

And if you own a MacBook Air, you don’t have to waste your money by buying one because you don’t have an HDMI port. However, there are some good things about the monitor HDMI port, there is no need for the drivers. So it is your choice that you might want a monitor that requires fewer cables, but requires nothing more than that.   

The Other Specs (Is It Good Enough?)

We have to focus on the general specs of the monitors that are mentioned in this review. 

  • Resolution
  • Overall Size
  • Color performance
  • Device Compatibility (Windows, Mac, Linux, Gaming, or Smartphone)

So, with all of that in mind, I think now you can choose what your ultimate portable monitor should look like. And I’m sure that you’ll love at least one of these top five portable monitors in 2020.

 Those are my best choices. Of course, you should always get the monitor that you like the most – the ones in the review are the best in amazon. So go ahead and check them out there, compare the prices – that the factor that people are not willing to compromise on. 







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